Time and Attendance

When it comes to Time and Attendance, CompuGeorge has pioneered to introduce the Biometric Technology into Time and Attendance systems to the Egyptian market back in 1997.

Started with Safran Morpho (Formerly called Bioscrypt) the leading Finger Print Readers manufacturer, and developing our in-house Attendance Control software, we could build a robust and long lasting efficient systems that sustained for many years serving the professional enterprise market with pinpoint accuracy results and comprehensive analysis for the human resources time tracking.

Starting from a single stand-alone terminal to a sophisticated multi-technology networked system, CompuGeorge was able to meet the various demands to each client tailoring an innovative system that reduces the cost of ownership while magnifies the system efficiency enabling companies to depend on such systems reaching a peace of mind through the latest available technologies and flexible software’s.

In many of the prestigious installations, CompuGeorge has tailored an integration either to the customer existing human resources applications to tie the attendance modules to the payroll and other HR relevant modules, or to a larger scale access control system that is in place and adding this integrated attendance feature.

Attendance Control Identifications Today Are Comprising:

Proximity Card Readers, Smart Card Readers, Biometric Fingerprint Readers, Biometric Finger Vein Readers, Biometric Iris Or Retina Scanners, Biometric Hand Geometry Readers, Facial Detection, Voice Recognition, Combined Readers with Cards, Biometrics and Keypads.

Our Time and Attendance control module is already integrated with the main attendance terminals manufacturers like Safran Morpho, Ingersoll Rand Recognition Systems, Unitech, Custom Micro, and on the Software side it is also integrated with the Lenel OnGuard system which enable the flexibility to of large infrastructure solutions deployment and it’s also integrated with the HITS System the most famous HR and Payroll system in the region.