Total Security Management

When it comes to large security installations, incorporating multiple systems and managing multiple vendors add up to embellished budgets and extra complexities. Integrating into a single, reliable network of technologies can be simple with CompuGeorge.

Our team with their technical expertise in an array of disciplines direct their dedication to each project. This enables the complete support that ensures execution and peace of mind. Starting from listening to your unique security threats, needs and business requirements, we help you design and implement solutions that enhance your security plans and ongoing expandability. From retail locations to global enterprises, projects are designed, value engineered, installed and commissioned to the industry highest standards and the special business needs. Once the system is in place, CompuGeorge’s service and support is always there to ensure the ongoing system success.

Integrated Systems provide users the ability to utilize Access Control, ID Badging, Logical Network Access, Intrusion Detection, CCTV, Perimeter Protection and other building systems via a single software platform, It also integrates with the other different solutions like Fire, HVAC and Energy Monitoring. This enables key decision makers to see the full picture, access and take critical decisions based on the data from multiple systems in “real time” onto one seamless platform.

A good example for benefiting the total security management is during in case of fire, certain access controlled doors can be released, others can be locked according to the evacuation plan, certain cameras are brought in live onto the alarm monitor, a layout map can pop-up also showing the event geographical location, a report hard copy is automatically printed for all the people inside the building for evacuation purposes. This improves operator responsiveness, and affords an efficient means of managing the day to day requirements of modern enterprises.

At CompuGeorge we have applied “best in class” practices in the management and implementation of multi-site and multi discipline Systems, our team have extensive experience working with corporate organizations across wide geographical regions and various environments.

By centralizing your security platform with CompuGeorge, you will be able to better respond quickly and effectively to a variety of threats and situations through 24/7/365 online monitoring, Having the opportunity On-the-go to spot monitor though your mobile device, Android or Apple IPhone and IPad, covered by the ongoing support and access to a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, offering same-day repair when it is needed.