Access Control

Our intelligent Access Control solutions are ideal for enterprises large or small, It provides controlled access for authorized personnel to the designated high security and other restricted areas.

Our advanced Access Control applications includes single alarm monitoring module that covers all the IP-enabled controllers and integrates other security systems in one user interface.

Our comprehensive portfolio of integrated access control solutions provide businesses of all magnitudes with high performance, cost efficient access control solutions that are modular and expandable.

With the distributed networked architecture, controllers and readers can be connected to any workstation or directly onto the IP network, controlling all types of physical barriers including doors, gates, electronic gates, turnstiles, vehicle barriers, and high security booths.

Logical access to network users may also be controlled in some applications. We design solutions specified to your exact requirements, starting from a single door to an enterprise multi-site networked configuration with centralized management. Normally we use a wide range of access control technologies to deploy and configure systems that needs the various customer business demands to form an integrated single system.

Access Control Identifications Today Are Comprising:

Proximity Card Readers, Smart Card Readers, Biometric Fingerprint Readers, Biometric Finger Vein Readers, Biometric Iris or Retina Scanners, Biometric Hand Geometry Readers, Facial Detection, Voice Recognition, Digital Keypads, Combined Readers with Cards, Biometrics and Keypads, and wireless access control devices.

ID Credentials can be supplied starting from a simple photo identification card in various proximity technologies, as smart cards in MIFARE or iCLASS formats, as tokens, key fobs, windshield labels for vehicle access applications, or in long range tags for special purposes.

System events may be monitored on a client PC either locally or remotely across the network, detailed user reports are always available to provide system managers with critical information needed to respond to important events and take the appropriate security decisions.

As of year 2000, we are accredited to the highest levels of the most advanced access control systems in the market. Namely we’re a Lenel value added reseller since year 2000 and also S2 Certified partner. This independent capability at the highest levels of the industry is unrivalled in the security market.